We, Nakamura Shobokagaku Co., Ltd., are Fire Engine Maker which carry out designing, manufacturing and maintenance totally in order to contribute to the local society on fire prevention to protect irreplaceable persons and their property.

We have delivered more than 300 units of fire engines all over Japan till now.
We feel strong responsibility and much proud of all these fire engines are taking a role to keep local life and are contributing to local life.

The word that we say “For the Best One”.
We raise it as a company mission.
This means that

“For the Customers’ Best One”
“For the Best Products (Best Efforts) We can Make”
“ We will Continue to Challenge.”

Our company is social existence as a Fire Engine Maker.
By means of contributing to the society, the significance of the existence can be born.
We intend to continue to Challenge to make the Better Fire Engines.

Mr Kousuke Nakamura,

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