Privacy Policy

Our company recongnizes that personal information received from the customers is the customer’s personal and important property and that its use under appropriate protection is one of the most important problems of our company at present.
Our company wishes to hereby declare that we work thoroughly on the appropriate protection and use of the personal information of the customers while observing the following contents.
Personal information shall be used according to our privacy policy as mentioned below.

  1. Personal information shall not be used for other than the purpose of use.

    With regard to personal information which we handle when we receive inquiry in this web site, we will use it within the range as needed for responding to the inquiry and also as needed for improvement of the services provided by our company and/or development of new services.

  2. Security measures for personal information.

    Our company will take necessary and appropriate measures in order to prevent from unfair access, leak, loss and damages in handling personal information in our hands.
    We keep our customers’ personal information correctly in the latest conditions.

  3. Personal information shall not be provided to the third party without the individual’s permission.

    In order to protect the customers’ personal information, our company will not provide personal information to the third party without the individual’s permission.
    However, in the case the legal organization such as courts, public prosecutor’s office, police and etc. ask for information, this will not be limited.

  4. Observance of laws, ordinances and model.

    We observe laws and ordinances applied to protection of personal information concerned in privacy policy and other models.

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