Water Tank I-A Type

Fire Engine with Tank will rush to the fire spot without supply of water with full water in tank.
In pursuit of weight distribution and vibration-resistant, we have made its body strong and its running stability is excellent. Installed Water Tank is coated with perfect rust-preventive paints. Strong high-pressure 2-stage balance turbine pump is installed, and the best performance can be achieved in anytime anywhere.
Fire engine with Tank will do initial firefighting using full water in Tank in order to make use of the limited time looking for the supply of water.
Equipped with Water Tank of less than 2,000liters, this Fire Engine will show great power for initial firefighting.
This Fire Engine can be installed on 4Ton of class chasses as well and we can drive smoothly even in complicated places and narrow roads of city area.

Water Tank I-B Type

Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
  • Water Tank I-B Type
This Type is we add Hose extension equipment to Water Tank I-A Type.
Since the chasses of more than 5.5Ton is used, we can increase the capacity of stowage and fulfill the storing tools & equipment. Furthermore, we can load and unload the ladders easily.

Water Tank II Type

This Fire Engine is equipped with big capacity water tank of more than 2,000liters.
It plays active part in the area without the supply of water.
Since we can move to eject water quickly in the fire spot, we can shorten pumping time.
We can realize the firefighting for long time because of the big capacity of Water Tank.
Water Tank-I AWater Tank-I BWater Tank-II
Chasses4~5.5Ton class double cabin4~5.5Ton class double cabin4~7Ton class double cabin
Wheel BaseOver 3000mmOver 3500mmOver 3500mm
Pump PerformanceAbove A-2Above A-2Above A-2
Vacuum PumpOilless System RotaryOilless System RotaryOilless System Rotary
Water Tank CapacityOver 1,500LOver 1,500LOver 2,000L
Side Body Shape Side Board Type or All Shutters Side Board Type or All ShuttersAll Shutters
Hose Car--------Available--------